The Briar Prince as a young stallion.

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Welcome to BriarCroft Stables, home of several beautiful, kind Gypsy Vanner horses.  We’re glad that you’re taking the time to visit our website, peruse our pages and learn about these majestic animals.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or for further information.  We hope you enjoy your visit with us!

The Gypsy Vanner horse has been bred by the Gypsy people (also known as Travelers or Tinkers) of the U.K. and Europe for centuries.  The horses were bred, first and foremost, to be useful.  They had to pull the family’s “vardo” (wagon) during the day, then be docile enough to let the children ride horseback into town at night.  The horse also had to look pretty and be “flashy” enough for papa to show off to his buddies.  All the while, this same horse had to be able to survive on whatever food he could find along the roadside—no hay or fancy pellet feed here!


Fast forward to 1996 when the first Gypsy Vanner horse was imported into the United States.  Americans are falling in love with them for their beauty, temperament, and athleticism; while the horses are falling in love with us for the wonderful grain that we give them!  Here at BriarCroft, we strive to breed for the best of all of their known qualities.  In addition to breeding, we ride and drive our horses, taking them out into the public to share them with others.  Come join us on our journey and let us introduce you to your next great passion...

BriarCroft Gypsy Vanners